Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This list is more a a general scare list. Films that you might have missed that fulfill the monster, gore or creep factors. Some of these have already been talked about here at the HORROR SHOW, but they are well worth mentioning again. We've linked titles to our reviews if they appear on THE HORROR SHOW. Take a look - you won't be disappointed.


One of my favorite Halloween anthology films. Several stories woven together expertly to create one of the best Halloween movies I know of. A must see in this or any season!

Monster Squad
Kids fighting classic movie monsters. Perfect.
This film has some great comic moments and is fun for...most of the family. No, this is no Charlie Brown Halloween, but the 10 and up set my dig it.

Night of the Comet
Classic 80s horror. When a comet passes by Earth, the lucky survivors are turned to powder while the unlucky ones are made into kill crazy mutants. Two teen girls seem to have dodged both death and becoming mutants, but can they stay out of harms way long enough to get some shopping done? :)

House of the Devil
Ti West brings in another home run with this creepy, "dark old house" chiller. Thick with atmosphere and story, this is a perfect film for a cold winter night.

Demons I and II
A personal fave - Demons and Demons II really need to be viewed together. No, the thin plots of the two don't really go together or complete each other. They are both just fun, completely BONKERS,  Italian Horror Gold films. Gore, goo and blood.

Night of the Demons (1988)
The ORIGINAL Night of the Demons is great, strange and a lot of fun to watch - especially with a group. The re-make is fine if you prefer a more modern take on things, but the classic cool of this 80s teen horror is the thing for me. A party at the "creepy old house" goes awry when demons are released. Perfect.

The Beyond (Italy)
More Italian Nightmare Cinema. This film has a bit of everything for everyone. The living dead, blood, dog's all in there. This is a celluloid nightmare that works well around midnight, too.

House by the Cemetery (Italy)
Fulci blood, gore and violence. This film is just insane. A disfigured killer picks off folks one by one. Children scream. Bats get caught in hair. Blood is EVERYWHERE! Splatter fan must see.

Wild Zero (Japan)
Oh yes, Alien menace use the dead to attack humans. Rockers have to run for their lives. A transvestite falls in love. And, GUITAR WOLF must do what he can to save the world...with ROCK. This is a strange film, but so much fun. Having a party? Think about showing this. You'll get a bunch of laughs, some WTFs and some bloody goodness. 

Outback exploration goes wrong when something ancient starts to take people over...making them into something...PRIMAL!  Primal is not a fantastic film, but it definitely has its fun moments and wild visuals. And, some great teeth! CHOMP CHOMP!

The Ruins
Ok...this film is just frucking nasty. Body Horror fans need to see this at once. It's chilling and creepy and gross. It made my skin crawl throughout and I was kicking my feel out in front of me at times to bat the creeping menace the HELL away as I giggled and shivered.  Good fun!

Tourists in trouble once again as an adventure turns into a fight for survival. No, not from natives or zombies. No...something that really manages to get under their skin....

Refreshing film!

House by the Cemetery

Wild Zero


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    1. HA! My pleasure!
      Make sure you check out the other Halloween Lists, too. There's bound to be something that's fun. :)