Monday, January 31, 2011

Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill

A delicious, upbeat little tune to some fun little nasty visuals. We like!
SLEIGH BELLS is a lot of fun. They seem to have a playful style that reminds me of the era of pop in the 60s - studio heavy, pop delight now with added EDGE.

Check them out on their MYSPACE site.

Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill from momandpopmusic on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dementia 13

This is a lovely little creep-fest! Francis Ford Coppola's fifth film, DEMENTIA 13 has to be one of my favorite's. It's a gothic tale of greed, murder and madness set on the grounds of an old sprawling castle home. After the death of one of the Haloran siblings, the family gathers to mourn. That's when the fun really begins.

You can see Coppola style really coming to form in this film. His shots and set-ups are working their way to brilliance in the black and white horror classic. Is it THE GODFATHER?, it's not. But, it's a fantastic, bump-in-the-night thriller that sends a little shiver up my spine every time I see it. (Damn doll.....)

Jack Hill of SPIDER BABY fame was second unit writer on the film. Luana Anders and William Campbell turn in some grand performances and some of the visuals will definitely haunt you for a while afterward. Especially if you like swimming in the local night.

This film is perfect for a cold, winter night. Put it on, turn out the lights and snuggle up with the person...or love. Keep them close to where you can see them!


Ingrid Pitt - R.I.P.

The fantastic Ingrid Pitt has passed on, sadly. (November 2010)

Hammer's Horror Lovely survived a concentration camp, believe it or not. She lived through the horror there and went on to star in several horror spectaculars like Countess Dracula, The Vampire Lovers and The House that Dripped Blood.

The delicious vixen was in several other films, of course, but I'll always remember her in the Hammer films. She wrecked me as a boy of 15. :)

R.I.P., Ms. Pitt!

If you're looking for a place to catch up with the works of Ingrid Pitt, you can check out

From the Telegraph:
Ingrid Pitt, who died on November 23 aged 73, survived a wartime Nazi concentration camp and went on to star as the voluptuous bloodsucker in several classic horror films, including Countess Dracula, in which she took the title role.

More from the article here

Fantastic Q&A with Pitt

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Ruins

When this came out, I gave it a BIG OLE PASS because I thought it was another TOURISTAS or SAW. I don't need to see another one of those ever again. But, thanks to NETFLIX, I gave this film another look when after I saw the trailer. And's a messed up little flick! I liked it a lot.

A “let's go explore” film, true – this is a classic film where the people should NOT be going where they are going. When they get there, it's WAY too late.

What is it? It's FRIGGIN NASTY is what it is!!!

The story was well done, the acting is great and there are scenes that had me kicking my feet and cringing. It's not an Academy Award winner, sure, but it has enough bite to really put a damper on eating dinner during it, that's for sure. The effects are slipped in perfectly - a delightfully gruesome mixture of practical and computer generated nuggets that work with the story, not in place of it.

Make sure you check out the alternate ending on the DVD and let us know what you prefer - what was in the original cut or the alternate end. We'd love to hear!

I dare you to watch it. Go on. Do it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Bob Clark

Does anyone else think that BOB CLARK's directing career is just...strange? :)

Note the movies in red especially. What a range!

2004 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

2004 The Karate Dog (TV movie)
2003 Maniac Magee (TV movie)
2000 Catch a Falling Star (TV movie)
1998 The Ransom of Red Chief (TV movie)
1995 Derby (TV movie)
1995 Fudge (TV series)
Fudge-a-mania (1995)
1995 ABC Weekend Specials (TV series)
Fudge-A-Mania (1995)
1993 The American Clock (TV movie)
1985 Amazing Stories (TV series)
Remote Control Man (1985)
1985 Turk 182!
1984 Rhinestone
1982 Porky's
1980 Tribute
1973 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (as Benjamin Clark)
1967 She-Man
1966 The Emperor's New Clothes

Tom Savini Q&A

MAIL ORDER ZOMBIE has a grand Q&A posted in their latest episode. If you're a zombie fan, bookmark them at once!

Weekend of Horrors 2010 Tom Savini Q&A!

I just listened this this and it had some really nice bits. Some of it was familiar like how Savini met Romero and why he does what he does, but some of it was new and very interesting.

Savini says that he might -as of the time of the Q&A - play the Governor in THE WALKING DEAD. GREAT casting if it's true. (Though Danny Trejo might be as well.)

And in other fun news, it looks like Savini and Romero are going to do a remake of CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS which might be fun as well. This film always gave me the creeps even though it's "no budget" fair from the 70's. There was something about the darkness of it and the sheer panic the characters go through. It might make a good little remake and I'm not sure Bob Clark would mind at this point. Bob Clark side note HERE

I'm all in, Tom! Let's do this!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just a Car Crash Away

A cool little zombie short. More like a zombie mood piece with a lovely little narrative. Very cool work and well worth checking out!


It's coming and it looks creepy.


"Entirely shot in first person point-of-view, THE EYES OF EDWARD JAMES explores a hypno-therapy session from the point of view of a patient, Edward, as he attempts to discover the truth about an event so horrible he has suppressed it from his memory."

More on the RUE MORGUE site.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Supernatural Noir

Dark Horse Announces Horror Anthology 'Supernatural Noir' For June!

"Usually when we see horror anthologies in comics you can pretty much predict that you'll be seeing between 100 and 150 pages. That's about the standard these days, and while that's nothing to scoff at, apparently publisher Dark Horse wants to outdo all the competition as they have announced a 336 page horror anthology entitled "SUPERNATURAL NOIR" for this June! Below you can get all the details on the title as well as some early specs."

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pantry Ghost

Another personal fave of mine. Nice concept!

The Accident

A fun and creepy little movie.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Short, sweet and to the point – I like this film, but it wasn't what I expected it to be. Perhaps it was a victim of over hype or a trailer that was cut...too well? If I went in cold to this film, I would have LOVED it. Honestly, I expected something a little more fear filled and scary. Instead, I got a solid, well acted film with a fun storyline and some awesome moments.
If you like foreign cinema and have a taste for the absurd, check this little nugget out. I'm sure you'll be entertained and amused.

The Horde

Riots. Protests. These are starting to be commonplace news headlines in France. Have been for a long while now. I believe that this is being reflected in the horror coming out of France these days. INSIDE. MARTYRS. These were really amazing and really disturbing films. While THE HORDE doesn't quiet hit those particular heights of madness, it does manage to entertain and thrill.

A classic “Good Guys v. Bad Guys” film goes zombie. Pretty much all you need to know about the plot. The action starts rolling minutes into the film and just doesn't stop. The bonus materials show one of the films directors - Yannick Dahan, I believe – viewing the scene through a monitor and shouting direction to the actors in a somewhat manic way. He's excited and thrilled by what he's seeing. This energy translates directly to what shows up on screen.

The group that was assembled for this was very interesting. French cops, Nigerian drug lords and a tenant who lived through a war and brought a little of it back with him. A fun teaming. When the good and the bad are forced to team up to survive, the tension grows and ads another element to things that keeps things rolling towards doom.

The zombies in THE HORDE are a lot of fun. They are the undead ramped up to 11 – meaner, stronger and a sweet mix of 28 days later “infected” and Dawn of the Dead remake flesh eaters. (sans leaping about like gymnasts!) The sheer amount of them and the relentless drive they have to eat make for some uncomfortable moments. They look grand, though their sharp teeth were a tad distracting.

The interesting thing – I was more taken by the social side of things than the zombie action. This is a good thing. Zombie movies are popping up everywhere. People are getting blood tossed on 'em and being thrown in front of the camera ad nauseam. Having a good zombie film with great social undertones is a true win.

If you're looking for a fun zombie ride, pick this up ASAP.