Friday, April 30, 2010


This movie has been bantered about as the new Rosemary's Baby for our set. A masterwork of of horror. Amazing...shocking...mind blowing...


I wanted to see this film before the hype smashed it into oblivion and before any spoilers ruined whatever surprises the movie might be able to deliver. Well worth a viewing, HOUSE OF THE DEVIL does provide a fun experience for horror lovers.

HOUSE is set in the 80s and has an 80s look and feel that is truly amazing without being too gimic ridden. If no one told me it was a new film, I'd assume it was an 80s film. The pace of the story is slow and methodical and building. It crawls, then walks, then runs like a cheetah towards the end. They even manage to slip in a lovely 80s montage scene to the tune of One Thing Leads to Another by The Fixx that worked like a charm!

The micro cast turns in a grand set of performances that really solidifies the story. The director – Ti West – works with a lock down camera from time to time and just lets the tension build to terrible heights without resorting to silly shocks and scares. What's not seen adds as much if not more to the tension created by what you see. It does not force feed the view shocks.

The resolution worked and I remember nodding and smiling – seeing that the film did push some good buttons. As I sat with the film, it went from a B+ to a solid A as some of the scenes and story twists settled in and made me wince a little.

A solid and fun scare fest that doesn't hit today's “torture fest”, dumb terror.

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