Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Again with the undead? Really?

Oh...wait...but you're doing it right and with a focus on story and good acting?! That's a different matter. :)

France's REBOUND  is looking wondrous with an emphasis on story. Based on the 2004 movie Les revenants (They Came Back) , the series focuses on the mysterious events that bring the dead back from beyond. It looks like it's playing heavy on the dramatic with a twist to the side of not everyone who is coming back is a lovely, angelic being. Some of them were murderers and villains.

I love the concept of the dead coming back in this way, not just hungry monsters. I also welcome story based plot and some good situations playing out. I have to say it...but, basically everything I didn't get from WALKING DEAD. But....that horse as sailed. :)

The series was picked up by the U.K.'s Channel 4. 

VARIETY article can be FOUND HERE

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Don Henley - Everything Is Different Now

Have you SEEN this nugget from 2009?!?!?!   One of my favorite videos and so damn strange. I really need to do some research on this to see who came up with this idea - Henley or the studio. Headless strippers, zombies...and Don Henley?

Well, he was ahead of the curve, that's for sure. Way to go, Mr. Henley!

:::stumbles around the Internet for a minute....:::

Ah, the song was written for his wife Sharon Summerall. She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, sadly. The song makes a little more sense now, though the video still seems out of his wheelhouse.

::::more digging::::::

...and, directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino! Ahhhhh.....
Videos for Madonna, Bowie, Björk....

Check it! It's dark!