Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SHUDDER - I'm in love with you

I can't get rid of my SHUDDER account. They keep adding new content and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!  :) Seriously, I sign in and POP! more new content. Stuff that I've been wanting to see, but that I have not wanted to actually own. Now I can stream it and enjoy.

Some of the recent titles I've managed to viddy below!


This was a fun, silly little Italian romp. A creepy little girl and a doll haunt an old home. It had some nasty moments and some REALLY funny moments to giggle about. (Too bad it's not a comedy :::grin)  Well worth a viddy. 


A horrible movie. Really horrible. But, entertainingly horrible. All the worst from 1988. David Hasselhoff....Linda Blair..."acting" through a bad script about a witch trying to bring Satan into the world? I think that was it. heh Just a mess. Again, well worth a viddy.



Mother's Day
Backwoods horror from the 80s - what could be bad about that. Fun characters doing awful things to people. Another good one for the revenge horror sub-genre. A mother and her two sons terrorize three ladies who are trying to enjoy some hang out time in the woods. Lady violence, sadly, but that's soon turned around and payed forward!

New York Ripper
This one was on my TO WATCH list for a long while, but afterwards I kinda wish I didn't watch it. The female violence aspect was a bit much for me. I just don't dig that sort of thing. However, as a horror, it delivered. Some really nasty stuff from horror master Lucio Fulci. The lovely Alexandra Delli Colli also stars, which is a plus for sure. Hubba hubba! :) The story? A giallo romp with a mysterious killer doing away with people...and a man missing some fingers on his hand noir style.

The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein
Wild Jess Franco stuff!

A blind bird woman with green feathers stuck to her hear and there
Silver spray paint Monster sprinting
Mad monster party with ghouls, goblins....skull face people...
Smart severed head gag - holding up the actresses head, but never showing the neck.
SCIENCE! hehehehe
Lots of staring.
Lots of nude women.
"AMAZING" dialogue.

Zombie Holocaust aka Dr Butcher MD (recut)
More Alexandra Delli Colli goodness here. She and Ian McCulloch fall through the bizarre plot. Colli works in a hospital where someone is eating bits of people. A plot is discovered leading her and a small band of travelers to an island where these cannibals are from. But wait....what's that? ZOMBIES! Yes...zombies start appearing and the plot thickens and manages to hold up nicely! 
Honestly, title aside, this is a really engaging film with a lot going on to keep the viewer happy. And, some of the WORST ADR screams ever inserted into a film! hehehe  Check it!