Friday, January 4, 2013

Evil Dead Redband Trailer 2

Even more nuggets of nasty in this EVIL DEAD Redband Trailer #2. BE WARNED! This is not something for work, kids or the squeamish. It's for fellow, hard boiled horror fans. 

More gore and violence and nastiness seems to be in order for this remake. More of everything. It's nasty and mean and gruesome. But, will it fly?

I can see the choice to make things WAY over the top with this and, honestly, I can't wait to see it. The original is still near and dear to my heart. Taking things in a more violent and gory space will help to separate it from it's predecessor. But will the gore-fest drive people towards the film or away from it?

The backlash seems to already be starting. Groups up in arms about what they see in the trailer. This sort of thing often drives people to see the film - the only one's being driven further away usually being those who would not see the film anyway.

Let the possessions....BEGIN!