Tuesday, April 24, 2018

My Favorite DREW DAYWALT Horror Shorts

One of my favorite horror creators is Drew Daywalt. Around 8 years back, I started seeing a bunch of his horror shorts and loved them. I'd get so much pleasure in not only watching them myself, but rewatching them with others to see their reactions to the freaky tales.

I believe Drew was a script writer for a long while and branched out into doing these shorts to escape. heheh  He wrote them and Directed some of them as well. I love his pace and the fact that none of the shorts overstay their welcome. They get in, get creepy, then get out after delivering a punch or two. He's gone on to write two lovely children's books!

I wanted to share some of my favorites here, but feel free to check out his page for the full offering of shorts and his horror series.


And we get a little AJ Bowen in this one!

And lastly, this is some of my favorite "ghost footage" stuff. So well done. So creeeeeepy.

Dread Central Interview can be found here:

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Gehenna: Where Death Lives

I just checked out a screener for the film Gehenna: Where Death Lives and I have to say...it was pretty alright!

Now, off the bat, it does have a few issues with pacing and the usual items that go along with a lower budget film, but it holds it's own really well.

From IMDB:
A group visits Saipan to search for locations for their company's newest resort. As they find what they think is the perfect spot, they discover a hidden bunker on the property...

The film moves along well and keeps the twists and turns coming. It help my interest as I tried to piece together exactly what was going on and managed to toss in so many variables that I didn't know where it was heading - a VERY good thing! And, the ending did not disappoint. Not in the slightest.

The film has some good performances, but it's big claim to fame is having the wondrous Doug Jones playing a monstrous character. Fun stuff for sure. There are some deliciously strange and cool PRACTICAL effects in the film as well. That made me very happy.

Director and special effects guy Hiroshi Katagiri's work here is grand as well, taking a small space and making the most of it in various ways. It's a creepy little set that he works wonders with. I think all his effects gigs helped him work out a lot of things that other small budget directors choke on.

I highly suggest checking the film out. It's a fun little ride!