Tuesday, October 9, 2012

St. Vincent - Cruel

This is a fantastic and dark video that I just fell in love with.

An interview with the directors for the video from a year ago can be found here:

"Truly simpatico music video director/artist pairings, like Spike Jonze and Beastie Boys or Michel Gondry and the White Stripes, don't occur that often. But the directing team Terri Timely (aka Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey) and St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) have a good streak going with their three collaborative clips: "Actor Out of Work", "Marrow", and their newest and best video, "Cruel". Kibbey and Creasey's manicured, creepy, and deadpan style is a perfect fit for Clark's studiously composed yet off-kilter music, where danger always seems to lurk just beyond the next spazzy guitar solo. "Cruel" is a comedy of horrors in which Clark is kidnapped by a mom-starved family, who proceed to torment the singer before sending her to an early grave. Literally. Terri Timely talked to us about manure, twisted little girls, and reinventing the music-video guitar solo."

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