Friday, September 22, 2017

SUSPIRIA playing at the New Parkway Theater October 6th 10:30pm!

Dario Argento's masterwork SUSPIRIA is going to be playing at the New Parkway Theater in Oakland, CA on October 6th - 10:30pm.

From what I've been told, this is the newly restored, 4K print, so it should be glorious.

What better way to kick off GIALLOctober Fest?! I'm going. Are you?


The New Parkway Theater is located in the Uptown/KoNo section of Oakland, near the corner of Telegraph Avenue and 24th Street:
474 24th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Movie and Information Hotline: 510-658-7900
Theater Administration (not for rentals or job inquiries–see below!): 510-338-3228
Fax: 510-338-3537


GIALLOctober Fest 2017

We're doing our GIALLOctober Fest again this year, covering a range of giallo films we have not covered before. Who Saw Her Die? , Don't Torture a Duckling, Death Walks at Midnight and many more!

The films we've covered so far can be found here:

Have a favorite giallo film that we have not covered before? Let us know and we'll seek it out!


I'm a Jean Rollin fan. I get that his works isn't for everyone - totally makes sense. I've watched a handful of his films and love the strange storylines and pace choices. I'm all in. However, the IRON ROSE had me blinking blankly at the screen and questioning whether or not I was going to fast forward or simply switch films.

When I looked it up later, I saw that many sites bill it more as a fantasy rather than a horror film.

We have The Girl and The Boy who see each other at a party and make plans to go for a bike ride together. The ride around and play flirty games. It's very sweet. Then they decide to take a break from cycling for a bit and do a bit of exploring in this large, beautiful cemetery. Now, you may want to call shenanigans here, but I could totally see doing the same thing. The place was beautiful.

Here's where things run a bit off the rails. They decide to get some privacy by climbing down into this crypt and end up making love. Spoiler. :) Well, they stay down so long that day turns to night and all the visitors have left. They can't find their way out and slowly slip into a hysterical state as they try to find their way.

And they wander, pontificate, scream, explore.....

All the while, it's very pretty, but it's also so arthouse it hurts. I was happy that I got to see the film that was called out as one of his best. It is gorgeous. But, man is it an odd one! heh Knowing what I know now, I'd settle in for more of a fantasy or self exploration film and wouldn't expect horror elements. I believe that that is what confused me more than anything. I thought one of the characters was going to be the "villain" or that the dead would rise or something, but it really never goes there.

Françoise Pascal, though. My goodness. She's one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. She's amazing and mysterious and super interesting. 

There are some rather haunting images in the film as well. It never goes into "horror", but they can be creepy and scary in their own way for sure!

I do recommend watching the film, but make sure you check out some of his other films as well - like THE GRAPES OF DEATH or THE LIVING DEAD GIRL if you're looking for true horror. THE IRON ROSE is a beautiful and poetic film and well worth a viddy!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Marilyn Manson - WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE (Official Music Video)


Mr. Marilyn Manson - you are doing things up BIG!

Marilyn Manson's new video - WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE - features home invasion, explosions, LOTS of guns.....and fetish nuns...who eventually get inside the family's home....and sexually assault them.   It's right out of the grindhouse, 1970s catalogue! Wild stuff!

Needless to say....this is not for the mild hearts in the world. Whew!

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Black Cat


THE BLACK CAT is a fun film that's slightly silly at times, but that delivers the Fulci deaths we've grown to love. The basic premise is that this evil cat is killing people all over a small town. An investigator and reporter try to solve the murders and figure out that the cat is at the bottom of it, but why is a cat killing people?

Yes, silly at times for sure - like when the cat scratches a man's hand and causes him to fall to his death. However, the film is played totally straight and the POE-ness carries it through for sure. We're treated to some true Fulci nastiness and some of the wonderful shots and staging he's known for.


Poor Daniela Doria taken out again. "It's an airtight room. They use it for storing sails or something." (What could possibly go wrong?) Poor Mimsy Farmer is put through hell yet again which is always fun ::grin:: , the wonderful Patrick Magee (A Clockwork Orange) chews the scenery expertly, and David Warbeck James Bonds his way around being smart and dashing in a fun way. As the plot ramps up, things get more and more strange and magical.  Things heat up between Farmer and Warbeck as well....which....honestly....looks more awkward than anything else in the movie. But, in a fun way.

The musical score is grand. I heard it and thought THE HOWLING at once, then found out Pino Donaggio was the composer on this as well as the Howling. It's a sweeping and lovely series of compositions. 

I just love how Farmer's character is dragged in to photograph corpses - just because she's a photographer. "We need someone to photograph crime scenes. You're a photographer, right?"  And we get CAT-O-VISION POV shots galore, which adds to the fun.  It's a bit hard to believe that people can't fight off a small, black cat, know...horror trope.  And, there are some really awful parts, but they are awful in a fantastic way. Lines like, "The cat did it, but it couldn't have acted alone...." hehehe   Like the cat was involved in plotting a series of murders. hehehehe  I love it.

And....bats.   :)

This is a fun little gothic horror tale and a cool little retelling of Poe's Black Cat tale. It's well worth a watch. Invite some friends!


Friday, September 8, 2017

Inner Demon

I caught INNER DEMON (2014) on Prime and thought that it warranted a mini-review.

This was a very watchable film, though I think it might suffer a bit due to the poster. Looking at it, I was thinking that this was a "demon tale" or something to do with possession, but it's really not. There's the other issue - Im not sure the film knows what it is, either. :::grin:::

From Amazon:
A teenage girl is abducted by a serial killer couple and manages to escape and find refuge in an isolated farmhouse, only to discover it is home to greater horrors and a malevolent spirit. has those elements in there. But, it leans way over to the serial killer couple stuff for what feels like 75% of the film. Now, it's done well and there are some good performances from the films leads, so even though I'm not a big fan of that sub-genre, it still held my interest and attention. However, I had the poster in my head and kept waiting for this demon thing which I found distracting. This happens - I get it. You have to sell the movie. And to be honest, if it leaned toward a serial killer poster, I probably would not have watched.

That being said, this "thriller, mystery, horror" (from Amazon's description) is well worth a viewing. Ursula Dabrowsky's writing and direction show really well in this. There are no wasted moves as we see things play out. There are interesting subsets of plot as well that had me questioning what it was I was seeing as well which made me sit up and pay attention in a good way. I'm looking forward to seeing more from Dabrowsky - she currently only has this film and another film called Family Demons (2009) to her credit.

Sarah Jeavons, Kerry Ann Reid, and Andreas Sobik are SUPER solid in the film, turning in emotional and sometimes brutal performances that really rang true. (You did a great job too, Todd Telford!) Interestingly enough, I can't seem to see the younger child actress in the IMDB listing She was grand as well and didn't fall into the painful child actor arena, thank goodness. The situations are riveting and had me chortling at the uncomfortable nature of them from time to time.

And, when things do ramp up, they do so in a fun way that payed off, so all was well when I rolled out of this. I didn't feel like time was wasted and had a great time with it once I got over my "but, where's the demon hand coming out of her mouth come in?" poster drama. hehehehe

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Case of the Bloody Iris

"Wait till I try to make it with you and you find out what a bastard I am." 

While this is not high on my gialli list, it's still a fun watch...mostly because I'm in love with Edwige Fenech! hehehehe

The film is a bit sloppy and slow, but there are scenes that resonate for sure. Classic giallo tropes abound in this clunky, awkward mystery.

Basically, two models move into an apartment where a woman was murdered. The murderer - a classic black hat, black coat, mask and tan rubber glove wearing maniac - is still prowling around the apartment and our models are stalked and frightened...for a long time. Like....a long time. :)

We have a ton of people roaming around the screen as well.

Edwige Fenech....the damsel. :::purr::::   Who always seems to be getting her clothes off...or ripped off.

Wacky roommate whose kinda like Goldie Hawn who just LOVES joking around - even about the former tenant who died in their apartment.  #TooSoon

Weak at the sight of blood architect who's taken an interest in the girls. 

The grumpy, pissed off Commissioner who's just pissed off about everything.

The gay Woody Allen photographer who has taken photos of the two models...and the girl who was killed in the apartment. 

Shitty old lady neighbor. 

Over the top jealous ex-husband. An obvious nutter.

 Lecherous lesbian neighbor and her grumpy Father.  

And the murderer with a cool black hat and mask. 

The story stumbles around and people show up dead and you just start ticking off boxes until you find out who the murderer is, but it's still a fun ride all the same. The soundtrack and the way the film is shot does keep things moving along while watching. It's kinda like watching a carousel go around and around with people being interviewed, questioned, walking, watching OTHER people, visiting, chasing, eating.... and a really awkward lovemaking scene which goes on WAY too long that has one of the best one liners attached to it.


 "It's Forenzi, Boss. Those two are really going at it. Don't be surprised if instead of a corpse we have a birth on our hands." 

Give it a viddy, but know that it's all over the place in a wondrous way.   It has a charm and heart to it that makes it a fun watch.