Thursday, April 30, 2009


Trick 'R Treat (2009 DVD Release)
Directed by Michael Dougherty

There are times when an adult is transported back to a simpler time of childhood wonder and excitement. That excitement fills a person with warmth and makes them feel wonderful for a moment. Those times are not often felt as an adult and they are so nice when you stumble upon them.

When TRICK ‘R TREAT was finally released from its two years in purgatory and a DVD market date was finally announced, I was filled with this kind of excitement. I felt like a child at the end of November who knows Christmas is just around the corner. The film was shown in festivals on a small scale and people raved about it every time. I marked it on my calendar and waited patiently for its arrival to stores and grabbed it the day it came out without thought.

However, there are times when the hype and promises only stand to set you up for major disappointment. This movie was supposed to be THE Halloween movie. The end all in Halloween horror movies. I started to worry that there was no way it could live up to all the promised goodness.

Trick ‘R Treat didn’t let me down in the slightest. It is now my favorite Halloween horror movie and is in my top list of movies – hands down.

The movie was wonderfully crafted – a fantastic blend of great writing, beautiful cinematography, and a colorful cast. A sense of fun rang through the whole of it. Like CREEPSHOW before it, this is a horror anthology film. This style can go well or sour depending on execution. Instead of splitting the film into these four parts separately, the storylines are wondrously woven together and is a lot of fun to watch. Characters from one line can be seen in others. Time bounces around playfully, setting events in motion at different points in time.

The scares are classics. Halloween yarns and haunted places mixed with some fun and strange happenings. I rolled through this film like a kid in a candy shop, watching wide eyed and exchanging “did you SEE that?” glances with my wife. I pride myself of being able to foretell events in movies based on obvious writing choices, but Trick ‘R Treat didn’t fail to surprise me time and time again.

When it was over, I felt like I could have easily watched it again like getting in line for a roller coaster ride that you loved right after getting off of it. You want to experience the fun again. This is a film that would provide new things to see and notice on second viewing and I can’t wait for the opportunity to watch it again to see what else is in there.

If you’re a horror genre fan, go and buy this movie. You’ll want to have it around for years to come. I truly wish that this film got a cinema release. It would have been fun to experience it with a large audience.

Trick 'R Treat is a must see.

Take a look at the original TRICK 'R TREAT Season's Greetings short that started the whole thing!


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