Saturday, October 13, 2012

HALLOWEEN LIST 2012: Parasites

Are you the type of person that gets grossed out by the idea of parasites slithering around in your insides? Of the camping out inside you? Maybe even controlling your actions?

Well, you're going to LOVE this list.

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Gross out body horror your thing? You're going to love this one.

The Faculty
Parasitic invaders start their takeover of the planet Earth at a high school...starting with the faculty. Did we mention that this was directed by Robert Rodriguez?

The Stuff
You think you're eating THE STUFF...but the

More alien worms from space. James Gunn directs this gross out, sci fi,  comedy horror gem that doesn't fail to serve up the giggles along with the creeping terror of spaceworms trying to slake their way into your body.

Night of the Creeps
More space parasites? Yes, please. 80s horror gold. Squirming aliens that take over your mind and make you into zombie. Above average effects work and some good, messy fun.

What do you get when Demi Moore appears in an alien stomach-burst rip off from 1982 with lots and lots of gory splatter in 3D?
Pure awesome.

The Stuff - Enough Is Never Enough

This list needs more things on it. What's YOUR favorite parasite film? Leave a comment!



  1. Parasite (1982) ...pure B grade goodness!! Splinter(2008) also a great watch, highly recommended!

    1. WHOA! I forgot about that one! I saw the trailer and wanted to check it out, but it dropped off the radar. Thanks for the heads up! I'll add it to the list!