Tuesday, October 31, 2017


"At Spookers, an enormous haunted house in a shuttered New Zealand mental hospital, a merry band of amateur actors spend their nights scaring the pants off visitors. One night they might be clowns in a creepy carnival, the next night fearsome fairy tale figures. But the brilliance of this delightful documentary goes beyond the ins and outs of haunting, as director Florian Habicht shows how transforming themselves into monsters helps many staff members deal with their own traumas and phobias. Step into a place where fear is a family business - if you dare...A SHUDDER EXCLUSIVE."

This was an excellent little documentary. Not only does it cover the behind the scenes of the spooky little haunt in New Zealand and show the effect the players have on the attendees - some funny, some very sad, it also looks at the effect it has one people that used to work at the closed mental hospital and what people who have had issues with mental health think, too. I loved this aspect.

They also do a rather interesting thing where they look at the dreams and inner workings of the players with little music video like plays to accompany them. Many of the people working the haunt have interesting back stories that are discussed which added to the overall grade the doc for me. It was really rather interesting.

Well worth a viddy.

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