Saturday, November 4, 2017

GOBLIN live at the UC Theater

I was so happy that my friend Agent Fleming suggested that we go see GOBLIN. I'm pretty much a homebody - locked away in my home at night watching films or working on projects. So, we he told me about the concert, I actually waffled about going.

"'s on a Friday and it's late and it's right after Halloween and I'll probably be tired...."

(Little did I know there would be a fourth round of layoffs at my job as well!)

But, wisdom prevailed and I just purchased the tickets the same day and committed to going in the months that followed and I'm so glad I did!

The concert was fantastic. So fantastic that I didn't really spend time clicking photos or videos. I was just engrossed in the music, watching it being played, and glancing at the visuals they had playing - clips from the films the music was from.

This was the "New Goblin" formed in 2010 which included Maurizio Guarini, Massimo Morante, and Claudio Simonetti from the original version of Goblin, together with Bruno Previtali and Titta Tani from Simonetti's band Daemonia. (( I think I'm missing something here - let me know in the comments. This was from the UC site ))

They were spot on last night. The music sounded spectacular and the band seemed like they were really enjoying themselves. And, with music that was new to me in the mix, I now have a whole new group of films to check out along with re-watches of my old favorites on deck!

The setlist was a fun mix of the familiar and the unknown for me. They opened with "Killer On The Train" which is now a new favorite for me. There were some new pieces (pieces that were not from 70s films) that I really enjoyed as well like "In The Name of Goblin" from their Four of a Kind album. But, the things that really struck home for me were the classics that I hear time and time again as a teen while we watched things like DAWN OF THE DEAD over and over again. Hearing that theme played live as a suite was fantastic.

And...just when I thought all was well and that things just could not get any better...they announced that the final piece would be from SUSPIRIA. This is a personal favorite of mine as you may know. Hearing that suite (WITCH! WITCH! WITCH!) made me super happy.

Sadly, the group I was with departed shortly after, but not before Agent Fleming told me there was going to be an encore piece. I had to stay for fear of missing something, so I parted ways with them and hung out for "E suono rock" and "Magic Thriller". I'm glad I did. It was more music that I had not heard before.

If you get a chance to see them live, GO! It was a fantastic time! 

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