Monday, October 30, 2017

Feast of Flesh

Feast of Flesh (Placer sangriento aka THE DEADLY ORGAN :::grin:::) from 1967 is a creepy, wonky little film from Argentina. I'm going to call it a giallo and include it in our GIALLOctober celebration.

The story involves a strange, masked man who injects women with heroin and controls them in a zombie-like way with the use of an organ. Police detectives try to figure out what's going on with these overdose fatalities and who's behind them while strange groups age people...maybe...frolic on the beach and drink in this bar/club place on the beach.

The masked man is interesting. He has a strange face and odd, claw hands. He drives a really sweet sports car around and seems to have escape routes mapped out in the area.  Spoiler - it turns out it's not just the organ that controls people, but the musical piece itself.

The 60s nature of the film is painfully apparent. Lot's of "groovy" dialogue and little musical interludes are sprinkled in with the investigation. The dubbing is rough as well. It seemed like the English was hard to get in in the same mouth moves as the Spanish. It's odd seeing dark, brooding, Argentine actors and actresses with bubbly, chirpy voices. However, I'm pretty sure the main detective's voice was done by the same voice actor that did voices for SPEED RACER, so that was fun to hear. :)

The 70 minute run time zips along and the giallo mystery side of things is fun to watch play out. And, yes, parts of the film are rather painful to watch, but it has a 60s charm that I really enjoyed.

Worth a viddy.

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