Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rue Morgue Radio


Rue Morgue Radio is a fantastic podcast that I am completely in love with. Well, as much as one can love a podcast.

Why is this one that I can listen to for hours a day? (...until I get through the back catalog on the site at least...)

The format. It's fantastic. The show is a mixture of music, interviews and news and has a balance that rocks my world.

First, the podcast host Tomb Dragomir leads us through a few horror-style musical selections. Once we're done rocking along, we get interviews from "Feedback", horror news from Shannnon, the Blood Spattered Guide music news and views with LIISA LADOUCEUR, and then "Feedback" and a guest review some horror based films and media. Horror tunes are laced through the very well produced podcast and the whole of the show is filled with fun movie sound bites that nibble at you throughout.

Horror and music fans will love this podcast. New casts are out every week and, if you're like me, you'll be more than willing to download the high end audio from the back catalog to fill the time between new shows.

In a word: Awesome.

Careful kids, there is adult language and the podcast deals with adult themes and horror. D'uh.

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