Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Daywalt Fear Factory - yikes!

Ok...question for you.

What do you get when you take all your childhood fears and traumas and wrap them up in adult fears and dread, THEN tuck them in to a blanket and scares?

I've tried to watch these little movies alone in the dark. I'm an adult. I've seen massive amounts of horror movies. So many that it really takes a lot to scare and thrill me now. However, Daywalt Fear Factory shorts always manage to send a shiver through me. (Even thinking back on a few right now made me shiver!) These short thrillers strike a nerve that's deeper that my desensitized self is even aware of. There is a fantastic sense of timing that is absent from many internet shorts and even big budget films. DFF is into play, strikes, and slips away like a panther - leaving you shaken and stirred every time.

Take a look at some of my faves and find more at the channel.


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