Saturday, May 15, 2010


Ok, I admit it...the zombies were not the only thing that got me to watch this movie. I mean how can you go wrong with zombies plus bikini girl plus school girl costume plus biker girl swords and wire work?! It's almost too good to be true.'s too good to be true. :)

Fun for the WTF Factor, but other than that it's rather forgettable.

Unlike the awesome MACHINE GIRL or STACY madness of a while back, this film lacks momentum and drive and seriousness they had. Onechanbara seems to lack heart, if that makes ANY sense at all. In something like Machine Girl, the actors and director seem to know what they are doing, but also seem to make a concerned effort to be the best at making the blood splattered, anime style madness come to life. Onechanbara lacks that and because it does, I really just didn't have the fun I could have had in this.

The pace was wonky, the bikini girl seemed uncomfortable and confused, and the plot was a train wreck.

Some quotes from me when I was watching include several "WTF?" items and a "Why are you fighting i a bikini, boa and cowboy hat, you nutter?" Pretty sexy, however. They even have a sexy zombie style direct rip off of Go Go Yubari from KILL BILL. Again, not enough to seek this film out, honestly.

What works in a video game world isn't always going to translate to a movie, however I do want to seek the game out and play it. It's probably a lot of fun if it mirrors the movie in any way. Playing this would be more fun than just watching it.


If you MUST see this, make sure you have something else to do while watching if you can. A PSP or something. Don't bother reading the subtitles. Hell, even put the horrid dubbing on. Just look up from time to time to see if the bikini girl is walking around or if there is a fight happening. There is some fun wire work and sword action.

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