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Machine Girl (2008) -Kataude mashin gâru-
Machine Girl Lite (2009) -The Hajirai Machine Girl-

Remember The Road Runner cartoon? Of course you do. Well, MACHINE GIRL and MACHINE GIRL LITE are the live action, Japanese action, deadly schoolgirl versions of the same. These films are candy for the fans of over the top, cartoon style gore and violence. It's so damn silly that the violence becomes second to the pure comedy goodness of the absolutely silly plot and story. It's a hoot.

A schoolgirl named Ami Hyuga has a brother who is being harassed for cash by the son of a violent crime lord. Not being able to take it anymore, he and his good friend kill themselves. She, in turn, goes to seek revenge. However, the yakuza crime lord has many many people on his side and the girl is defeated Half dead, she goes to seek help from her brother's buddy's parents, but the mother is still grief stricken and wants nothing to do with her until her shop is attacked by some crime lord goons.
The parents of the dead schoolboy create a weapon arm for Ami – a deadly machine gun with a seemingly unending supply of bullets. Together, the mother and Ami go to seek revenge. And so begins the geysers of blood, severed body parts and meat chunk madness that is the beauty of MACHINE GIRL.


This manga inspired cult hit is pure, over the top gore madness that sends gallons of blood streaming over everything and everyone. Insane martial arts and exotic, fantasy weapons take their toll on everyone and everything in the scene.

Drill bras, decapitation chains and lots and lots of bullets make this movie a must see for fans of Japanese gore-gore action and is the best in the group, in my most humble opinion. While the overall is silly and strange, it does have some somewhat decent acting (for what it is) and is well shot and directed. Other movies like it tend to lean toward the “we filmed this in a week” realm and really tend to look even more cheap than they already are.

But, what do you do when you have actors and makeup left over when making a film like this? Why, make an epilogue, of course! MACHINE GIRL LITE/ Shyness Machine Girl is a small short made after filming of MACHINE GIRL ended. Ami's friend finds herself alive again (spoiler!) and needs to defend herself against the yakuza boss and his henchmen. The shop father helps her by making her a special machine gun, however it only becomes available when her shyness peaks. What better way to activate the Shyness Machine Gun (that comes out of your tailbone area, by the way) than to stand around in a bikini or to flash your panties at the bad guys while squealing, “NO! Don't look! I'm SHY!” So very, very bizarre. I love it!


You know you are curious now! Pick up MACHINE GIRL for good, splatter fun and MACHINE GIRL LITE for....well...a girl with a machine gun butt. Ideal for parties!
Machine Girl Trailer -
Machine Girl Lite Trailer -

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