Friday, March 15, 2013

The Car

This 1977 classic just needs to be seen. I was sitting around working the other day and realized that I had not seen it, so I tossed it on and watched it over a few days on lunch breaks and the like's...a classic.

James Brolin plays a Sheriff in a small town. A small town that the demonic CAR has on it's hit list. That right - a killer car. It's blasting horn trumpets every time it runs some poor soul down. How can you face the terror of...THE CAR?! could....go up a hillside. Or over a river. Or...stay indoors.'s a classic. People get run down left and right and the MANY SHERIFFS of this small town need to fight it. Kim and Kyle Richards play actual sisters in this one (Kim had already made her Escape to Witch Mountain two years earlier, so she could totally handle...THE CAR and now she's a REAL HOUSEWIFE OF BEVERLY HILLS) , but MANY other folks can't seem to avoid that run down feeling. :)

And there are situations in this film that just had me scratching my head. "Wait...why is this happening at all? He's a garage...with Didn't he JUST close a door leading outside? He JUST closed it. WHY IS HE F'ing AROUND TRYING TO GET THE GARAGE DOOR OPEN AND MOVING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAR?!??!?!?!?!"  

This is just one of those great, bad films that you actually find yourself enjoying after a minute. Not sure how to explain it. It's like everyone thought they were making JAWS and really put everything they had into it, so it plays well even if the premise is a little shaky. And, I can see why this film at least looked the part. It was Directed by Elliot Silverstein who also Directed CAT BALLOU, A MAN CALLED HORSE (brilliant film) and a handful of TWILIGHT ZONE episodes. I wish he had a little more to work with here than just a killer car.

THE CAR itself is fantastic! Such a beauty. It's been spoken about for a long while and had far more staying power than the film ever did.

If you're looking for a little fun with a few giggles, toss on...THE CAR! If you're looking for a little more horror in your car flicks, toss on CHRISTINE instead.

Another one of those trailers from the 70's that shows you....SO MUCH! They really wanted people to know what they were going to see before they saw it, I guess. :)

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