Monday, March 25, 2013

Special Dawn of the Dead Star in Walking Dead

Are you among the select few on the Horror Geek Tip that caught the DAWN OF THE DEAD call out in THE WALKING DEAD on Sunday night? I was thrilled when I saw this fellow shamble into frame. ( I'm 24 hours behind due to watching via iTunes )

I like to think that Greg Nicotero topped off his Directing on WALKING DEAD with slipping this gent into the mix.

I pointed at the screen and said, "LOOK! Dawn of the Dead zombie! From the airport scene!" 

My wife stared at me. :::blink blink blink::::

Fun stuff! Nice work!


  1. Amazing. I didn't even notice that. Good zombie eye! Maybe they'll even have an episode directed by George Romero in the next season. Wouldn't that be a treat to zombie fans!

    1. Man...that would be amazing on many levels. :)

      Funny, I was watching Walking Dead and saw this guy and thought I was the only one other than Greg Nicotero that knew! heheheh It was one of those "D'uh" moments. " are the ONLY one who got that."

      I went online and found five hits at once. Folks who saw it 24 hours before me and already posted. :)

      Fun stuff - especially seeing as his first real gig was working with Savini on DAY OF THE DEAD.