Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dolls of Despair

Dolls of Despair ( ) bills itself as "Horror news, PR and reviews from a gals point of view." 

Their Facebook bio reads:
"Dolls coming together to talk about all things horror. It could be a movie, a book, a song or a story that's happening in the world right now. We want our say! Feel free to contact Splatter Flick Chick to share with us your independent project. The Dolls desire great partnerships on all things independent and dark."

I'm loving the blog. It's a super clean, Blogspot situation packed with horror news. They have a series of regular updates and seem to have a great mix of mainstream horror news and super independent horror news that makes the site a lot of fun to look over.

They also have a simple review system worked out - LOVE IT, LIKE IT or LEAVE IT. This makes me happy. Like DREAD CENTRAL's knife system, this breakdown makes things rather easy.

The site's main runner is "Splatter Flick Chick" and the interactions that I've had with her so far have been fantastic. No nonsense, horror related content and conversations with an independent bent.  

"I want to emphasize my dedication to independent...ANYTHING. Hollywood is so tired! I embrace those of you who don't have huge budgets, famous actors, signed contracts, etc."

A fantastic mantra for sure.

While the site has TONS of great content for me, there is a target audience that DOLLS has that I find to be another interesting thing to separate them from the horde.  Women who like horror.

" I want to cater to our female readers and Dolls Radio listeners as well (since the horror industry has always had a reputation for gratuitous sex scenes and lots of T&A) by featuring more hot, unique and interesting men in horror. There are so many fellas to feature so please check back often for new hot men in horror, their photos, bios and interviews, written live radio and video interviews."

Kudos! My Twitter Travels have shown me that there are many female horror fans out there. It's grand to see someone with a focus on that demographic. It's a differentiator that is rather huge. If you look at the scene and what is typical for it, it has a lot of "women in peril", women in little outfits and "Final Girls" who rise up to defeat the evils that are hunting them down. DOLLS is looking at the genre males and presenting articles on them and, while neither male or female actor articles are for me unless we're talking nostalgia from the 80s, it's great that this is here.

Splatter Flick Chick has an interesting crew with her as well. Delightfully Demented - A horror artist, Myth Alice, Big Top Terror, Shana Rae Sleaze and Sweet Charlotte.

There is a podcast radio component, too.


It's a great radio show. They have a free flow style that I like and MANY MANY interviews with directors, actors and actresses. The nature of it makes me happy. It's like being in the room with a bunch of folks that love to talk about horror - sitting around and shooting the shite.

While the audio isn't 100%, it is a fun, community based venture that allows people to call in and talk about horror items. I love this feature. It takes things away from the somewhat passive nature of podcasting - sitting back and listening - and gets people in the game more. I have not heard a lot of the podcasts yet, but I'm planning on working through their catalog and calling in at some point in the near future.

These items are a must visit for horror enthusiasts. Check them out!

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