Wednesday, March 20, 2013


From one of my new favorite blogs DOLLS OF DESPAIR 
(Check them out - great stuff with a podcast component!)

"Brandon Cronenberg's award winning, horror, sci-fi ANTIVIRAL, starring Caleb Landy Jones (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS), Malcolm McDowell (CLOCKWORK ORANGE), Lisa Berry (SAW V), and Sarah Gadon (COSMOPOLIS), will be released by IFC on April 12, but if you've not seen it yet, it's screening at HorrorHound Weekend at 6:45pm Friday night, March 22nd. As advertised, expect limited seating, so get in line early if you want to catch ANTIVIRAL on the silver screen! ANTIVIRAL has a limited theatrical release and hits VOD on April 12, 2013."


Yes, old Brandon is a chip off the old block. Body horror, secret societies and hidden horrors are all in here and it looks like it will be a scream. There's a grand style here as well. Slick and clean - this is a strange new world that's been created and it all seems to work together really well. I love sci fi horror. There's so much to pull from that straight horror doesn't have. Things like EVENT HORIZON come to mind. Like a Reece's candy, the blend of chocolate and peanut butter...or in this case mad science and disgusting body horror...look like they'll be a delicious combination I can't wait to devour!

As with THE ABC's of DEATH, old Daddy Malco will be checking this out via download come April 12th. (Right on the heels of seeing EVIL DEAD on April 5th!) Review to follow.

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