Friday, March 22, 2013

Alice, Sweet Alice (Full Movie)

 Someone put up the delightfully creepy ALICE, SWEET ALICE (aka COMMUNION) onto the YouTube. :)  While usually I say that a full movie on YouTube isn't the way to go, watching here might actually add to the creepiness. Might also add to the VHS-like look of it, which is fun as well.

The film is a mystery in a style that kinda reminds me of Argento. Very giallo / who-done-it, we see a murder happen, but we're not 100% sure who did the deed. We just know whoever did seriously disturbed. GREAT FUN! :)

Alice, Sweet Alice is a great little film. Director Alfred Sole only made four films, but he's still producing today. (Castle TV series) It stars Linda Miller and a bunch of other "hey, it's that guy!" types, but the big go to for Alice is a super young Brooke Shields, though she's not around a long time. :::grin:::

This film is full of disturbing imagery and characters. The film's mask is damn creepy in and of itself. The famous Alice, Sweet Alice mask even makes a little appearance in V/H/S.  :)

If you're looking for some good mystery, 70s horror and interesting visuals, you should check this out or re-visit this film at once! 


  1. Never knew Brooke Shields was in a horror movie. What other horror movies she was in?

    1. Well, it looks like she had a few things under her belt: (some are guessed at)
      • Alice, Sweet Alice 1976
      • Freaked 1993
      • Tales From The Crypt: Came the Dawn 1993
      • The Seventh Floor 1994
      • Midnight Meat Train 2008
      • The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (Family film) 2010

      Thanks for reading! ~M~