Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Houses October Built

You know, sometimes it's not about the story or the camerawork or the style, it's about how many times you say, "Man...that's fucked up...." while watching.

THE HOUSES OCTOBER BUILT is currently topping my list for 2014 on the "MAN, that's fucked up" being said out loud. :) I think this film had me saying it out loud about 12 times.

What happens when a few movie makers set out to document some of the scary Halloween Haunts out there around Halloween time? Yeah, you can bet it's not going to go well.

There are creepy arse scenes, creepy arse characters and creepy arse situations galore in this nugget. Is it the new "HALLOWEEN MOVIE of the AGES"? ((Currently - TRICK R TREAT for me))  No. But, it was a fun ride for sure and one to add to the Halloween watch list if you have not seen it already.'s dark.

Not bad, Bobby Roe. Not only did you Direct and help write, you did a fine job starring in this dark....super dark and disturbing outing. This actor turned Director managed to make me shiver a few times for sure.

Again, we're not talking "new" here, but the underlying concept is really cool. There are layers here that will have me re-watching, I'm sure. Subtexts and dark under currents that are a lot of fun to explore. While the cinema verité style is NOT new, the subject matter is fun, nasty and FRUCKING CREEPY as all get out. I think that's what did it for me. The, "What if I was in that situation?!" feeling through the whole film. would NOT like it. 

Like creepy? 

Like dark?

Hate clowns, but like to be scared?


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