Friday, October 3, 2014

Plus One

The shorter, more concise reviews continue! :)

I really liked Plus One (+1)
I almost passed it up based on the Netflix art. Again, you can't base much on Netflix streaming artwork. I've seen cool art that's lead me to horrid shite and I've almost passed up cool flicks like this based on artwork that doesn't hit the mark completely.

No, this film isn't about a strip club.

+1 is a cool little sci fi horror time mind F movie that is well written and entirely engaging. I won't spoil too much here. The long and the short is that something hits Earth and time itself has been crashed in and spun around creating loops and doppelgangers. If someone doesn't do something, our whole planet as we know it may disappear.

The film takes place at a giant, "BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR! WHOOOOO!" type party with booze, party gear and strippers on a giant stage. Sure. Why not.

There's a love story element that totally works, taking the classic post teen breakup party meetup and turning it on it's ear. "There she is - the ex. And she's going to hook up with some party dude. You have to get her back. Take action! Oh...wait...there she is again...over by that tree. Wait...who's who?!"  Party guests - like the young lovely to the left - start acting strangely and doing strange things.

I was guessing and guessing at the films outcome and was pleasantly turned around and sent packing - not being able to figure out how things would end up.

The writing and direction carry the film along with some good acting from relative unknowns. Based on his story, Dennis "Last House on the Left Remake" Iliadis makes duplicate people and actions look easy in what must have been a film with a LOT of storyboarding and planning. It's a complex little nugget for sure.

Dig sci fi based, Twilight Zone style goodness? Check this out.

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