Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Theatre Bizarre (2011)

The Theatre Bizarre was another Netflix special - tossed on as a background film while I was doing other things. It turned out to be another one that I stopped and put on when I could actually sit and watch it.

We have another anthology venture here. A woman gets drawn to this strange theater and slips inside. Mannequins and dummies populate seats here and there. She takes a seat herself and Udo Kier walks onto the stage in some of the most creepy dummy makeup I've seen in a while. He introduces the first act and additional dummies come to life on stage...and away we go.

I won't go into much more. We have a series of short horror films presented well, shot well and written well for the most part. The stories are interesting and engaging and well worth a viddy. Sort of like the old HITCHHIKER HBO show from back in the day. Nothing "brilliant", but nothing I wish I had my life back from either.

On Netflix streaming at the time of this post.  Check it!


Douglas Buck ... (segment "The Accident")
Buddy Giovinazzo ... (segment "I Love You")
David Gregory ... (segment "Sweets")
Karim Hussain ... (segment "Vision Stains")
Jeremy Kasten ... (framing segments)
Tom Savini ... (segment "Wet Dreams")
Richard Stanley ... (segment "The Mother Of Toads")

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