Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Devil Rides Out

I really enjoyed this film. THE DEVIL RIDES OUT is like Hammer lite. None of the usual Hammer Horror call outs. No blood. No boobs. Not a whole lot of atmosphere, either. However it is a very strong story with some fun set pieces and great acting.

The long and short of the plot is two friends trying to save their buddy from getting involved in a Satanic ritual. The great Christopher Lee plays against type as a good guy here as well, which was fun. Of course, there is a love interest to save as well - a young woman who is also going to join up with the Satanists and be baptized in the name of Satan.

Honestly, there isn't a whole lot to the film. There is a lot of "We need to get him" to "GREAT! We got him!" to "Aww, we lost him again" kind of story points, but it's a fun and light watch that you could watch with younger family members.

Christopher Lee is great as usual. And Charles Gray is a great baddie.  They are matched up well as they are pitted against each other in this classic good verses evil tale. I'd love to read the book - I'm sure it has additional levels that are left out of the film.

The cool back story to the film is that Lee pushed to have it made and stated that he wanted to play the good guy, not the baddie. When Mr. Lee told you this and said that that is what he wished, you did it. So, he's a good guy. And the great Richard Matheson wrote the screenplay based on 1934 Dennis Wheatley book.

Ah, Mr. Matheson. You brought me such joy....

Thrilling visuals! :)

It's a movie from a different time. A slower, more story based era. The effects are super simple and it would be an ideal "Family Horror Film" - as long as the kiddies are old enough to not be scared of a guy dressed up with a goat head as Satan. :)

Heh....Family film about Satan worshipers who kill a goat to bring Satan into the world.

Uh....older kids and lovers of Christopher Lee, I guess. ::::grin::::

Check it out.


  1. beautiful post! easy to go through!

    1. Thank you! I was trying to write articles that are easy to digest and that didn't give too much away.
      Thanks for reading!