Monday, October 14, 2013

Lumiere (David Lynch)

In 1995, 41 filmmakers were able to create small films using the 100+ year old Lumière brothers’ cinématographe and 52 seconds of film. (No pressure)

I believe that most just went for a scene - something to showcase their style with the amazing camera.

However, Mr. David Lynch's offering is classic Lynch, spinning a tale involving the oft found Americana aspect mixed with nightmare visions of a world none of us visits unless we're deep in sleep and nightmares are filling our heads.

The film below is chilling in many ways. It's grand to see Lynch work his magic with a camera that seems to work perfectly with the style he leans towards naturally. WILD AT HEART hit in 1990, as did WILD AT HEART. FIRE WALK WITH ME hit in 1992. The three episode series HOTEL ROOM (...which I need to circle back to...) came out in 1993 and LOST HIGHWAY was due to hit in 1997, so this film exercise fell right in the sweet spot of Lynch goodness for me.  

Well worth a view if you are a fan of his work and have yet to see some of his more experimental works. While some may be difficult to get through (they don't tend to follow the norm), I suggest taking a look if you love his films and style. You can see some elements coming back around in some of his more mainstream work.

Sadly, I once heard an interview with Mr. Lynch in which he stated that, "If you are watching a film at home on your television screen, you have not really seen the movie. That's not the way movies should be viewed." Knowing this is the way he feels fills me with a little sadness when I watch his film on television and ESPECIALLY when I watch on the computer. He must completely detest that. I have a vision of Lynch standing there, sipping a coffee and just shaking his head at me disapprovingly when I watch anything of his now.

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