Monday, October 14, 2013

Ghostwatch (1992)

For the longest time, GHOSTWATCH was this sort of ghost itself - appearing and being mentioned here and there by various people on blogs, in magazine articles and in interviews. I had not seen it, but it was supposed to be this brilliant work that true horror lovers really needed to see. A few years ago I finally tracked it down, it's fantastic.

Ghostwatch was a television event that quickly dropped into WAR OF THE WORLDS style, real world fear and anger. Even though it was clearly marked as a drama in various places and did have a front section that called it out as entertainment, some people missed it and completely lost it when the events shown unfolded before them.

The program was planned wondrously. It used many of the usual items that people in the UK were used to seeing in similar programs on at the time including the host and technical people that viewers had seen time and time again in "real" shows previously. So, seeing the same people involved in this ghost show really sold the whole of it and helped to break down the wall between reality and fiction.

Ghostwatch is also a perfect "ghosty", with chilling audio and visual items within it that still hold up to this day. It pre-dates THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT by seven years and you can see elements within it that were to be used in BLAIR WITCH years later. It really is one of the originators of the modern day, cinema verité style ghosty we're seeing A LOT of today and it blows many of them away as far as the thrills and chills go.

Do yourself a favor and check out Ghostwatch - preferably late at night with the lights off. If you enjoy the film, make sure you check out the HYPNOBOBS PODCAST listed below. He does an amazing overview of Ghostwatch covering the events leading up to the creation of the show and the subsequent fallout from the show's airing as well as some personal accounts. It's a grand overview that needs to be heard if you love GHOSTWATCH as much as I did.


Ghost Watch pt 1 from Encounters with Spirit on Vimeo.


Ghost Watch pt 2 from Encounters with Spirit on Vimeo.


Ghost Watch pt3 from Encounters with Spirit on Vimeo.

This is a GREAT overview of GHOSTWATCH. The Hypnobobs podcast is fantastic. He does his research for sure and his production value is grand. This is a must listen podcast and not just about Ghostwatch. All of the podcasts are entertaining, interesting and packed with information.


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