Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The great and powerful Yoshihiro Nishimura (involved in various ways in TOKYO GORE POLICE, MACHINE GIRL, SUICIDE CLUB, VAMPIRE GIRL v. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL) is back with more gore madness - HELLDRIVER.

These films make me happy. They are pure stupidity on some levels, but also a lot of fun and hyper-kinetic on dangerous levels. There are times I think they might give me a seizure or some other sort of brain damage. But, the gore and over the top, comic style is very enjoyable. If you're into that sort of thing.

And "That Sort of Thing is what it really boils down to. I've seen movies like MACHINE GIRL in a theater with people howling, screaming and laughing all the way through, then clapping wildly at the end. It's a lot like being on a roller coaster. You know that you're basically going to be doing the same things - up up up, screaming down into a series of flips and turns and curves, then peacefully back into the station to continue your day. You are not disappointed when that's all you get. Unless you're 5 years old or something.

These films basically tell you "So, we're going to have nudity, blood spraying all over the place, insane action, even more insane weapons, head and limb chopping and various other items that will have you whispering What the HELL was that?!"   
I'm all in. :)

TWITCH Review found here:  http://twitchfilm.com/reviews/2011/11/helldriver-review-2.php

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