Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hammer Horror: Sexy Vampires

I've been on a Hammer Horror trip of late. Hammer represents some of my first outings in horror. When I was a boy, I used to watch them on Saturdays with a giant bowl of popcorn (thanks, Mom!) and just eat up every aspect of them. The Gothic nature of the stories and scenery had a strong effect on me.

Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee were fantastic leads in the Hammer World, but the women in the movies were just delicious. The studio presented a bevy of beauties who ran the range from innocent to evil. I have a memory burned into my brain of watching TWINS OF EVIL on Creature Features (R.I.P. Bob Wilkins!) and someone had forgotten to cut or crop a breast out. There on my TV...was a breast. It hovered there softly and my young brain swooned. :) And strong female leads like Ingrid Pitt were fantastic to see on screen.

The Hammer Glamour [Book] by Marcus Hearn came out recently and the fun 1951 Down Place Podcast has been rekindling my desire to see some of these awesome Hammer Horror films again. The cold weather and the winter darkness make it a perfect Hammer viewing time. I figured that I'd jump into the marathon with the sexy Hammer Vampires. (Of course!)

If you choose to play along, leave a comment below and let me know what your Hammer memories are - old or new!

The Vampire Lovers

Twins of Evil

Brides of Dracula

Lust for a Vampire

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