Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Countess Dracula (Updated)

Man...they don't make them like Ingrid Pitt anymore. Sure, we have various "haut" actresses hanging about, but they just don't have the charisma of Pitt.

The Hammer Movie Queen is featured in the classic Countess Dracula from 1971. The Countess needs blood to stay young. And, blood she shall have!

I'm glad Hammer is back, but I'm just not sure they will ever regain what they had in the 70's. Their films were so basic and gothic and...slow. I loved the slowness, however. They are just fun films.

YouTube was kind enough to share Countess Dracula with us for free. Take a look!

UPDATE after seeing it again: 
I think this might be one of the weakest of the Hammer vamp movies.  Oh, it's still fun and still gothic, but I think it really should have been called COUNTESS BATHORY or something to that effect. They slip in some villagers calling Pitt Countess Dracula at the end, but that's really the only spot the name comes up. She's not really a vampire, she just uses blood to keep herself young. 
That being said, it's a fun film with some grand, over the top performances. Pitt is evil, however. She's self possessed and doesn't care about anyone except herself and her new lover. 

It's well worth watching. Just don't expect a be-fanged Pitt hissing around the place. :)


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