Thursday, November 15, 2012

The ABCs of Death trailer

 "Excitement, party of one."

Now here is something I can get behind wholeheartedly. I may have to organize some sort of group gathering to ensure that I am surround with like minded folks when I go to see this in the theater. Seeing V/H/S in a theater with about eight other people was quaint, yet sad. More people needed to see the fun, return to horror horror that is V/H/S!

When I originally heard about ABCs, I was so very happy. 26 crazy shorts by 26 crazy folks in one crazy film sounded fantastic to me. But, then I started to wonder if it was all going to come together properly. Was it going to be too much? Would things be varied enough to remain interesting?

After seeing this trailer, I think the answer is that this film is going to be a weird, roller coaster ride through a sick and strange, ever changing landscape of horror! I can't wait!

The idea is simple. 26 directors. 26 ways to die. A through Z. Some Directors were asked to make something and others submitted ideas to be voted up or down. It was a fun and interesting way to compile an anthology film together.

You can see some of the "T" submissions here.

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