Friday, November 9, 2012


I tossed Rabid on recently thinking that I'd half watch while doing other tasks. I remembered it being somewhat slow and very "70s" in it's pace. The fact that it was David Cronenberg didn't sway me - I was thinking that it was one of his early works and was just ok. I was wrong. It's really rather good.

We have the yummy,  "porn actress gone straight" Marilyn Chambers playing Rose, a girl who is badly injured in a motorcycle accident with her boyfriend. She's trapped under the cycle and suffers some major injuries. The accident happens next to the Keloid Clinic - a plastic surgery clinic that is trying some new skin graft treatments. Needless to say, something goes really wrong with the procedure and the outcome and Rose is turned into a vampire-like creature with a need to feed. Her feeding - unique in and of itself - transfers a rabies-like disease into it's victims. Chaos ensues.

The great thing about Rabid is the build. We have a bad situation with Rose that causes an even worse situation that builds to a wild climax. Throughout we're treated to a great story that plays out well, interesting characters and acting that carries everything expertly. We also get to see some of that grand, David Cronenberg body horror madness. Medical creepiness and sickly body horrors that I found myself shuddering about from time to time.

Rabid isn't your typical 70s schlock. If you have not sen it or have not viewed it in a long while, you may want to check it out. It's bound to please.

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