Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hierro (Spain 2009)

Hierro was a strange film packed with heart wrenching scenes and some intense and wild visual elements. I really enjoyed it.

It's not your typical "horror film" - it's more of a thriller, but the idea was horrifying for sure. The long and the short is that a woman looses her son while taking a trip with him by boat. In her search for his whereabouts, she slowly unravels and we watch every painful moment of it.

Sound like entertainment? :)

Well, the acting chops of Elena Anaya in the lead role really rocked me. I thought she did an amazing job and she was very believable in the role. There were times where I was clenching my teeth as she dealt with her missing son and her sister thinking that's she's creepy and slightly mad and the chief of police thinking that she's just another sad parent of a missing child. Alone in her efforts, she's forced to fend for herself as she tries to figure out just what happened to her son and where he could be.

I also want to check out more work by the film's Director, Gabe Ibáñez. He had some great camera work and some very wild and imaginative visuals going on. Similar to Ti West's slower, character based style, Ibáñez allowed things to evolve and let characters interact.

If you're a fan of psychological horror and suspense, you just might want to check out HIERRO.

Elena Anaya interview can be found here:

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