Thursday, November 29, 2012


So, it looks like [REC]4 might be dropping us back into the storyline of the apartment complex again. I've yet to see [REC]3 - it looks great, but people don't seem to be too thrilled with it. At least I have not heard the same kind of buzz about it that the first two had.

[REC] 1 and 2 had a flow and a tight story that - if you could stand 3.5 hours or so of hand held camerawork - could be watched together to form a long form horror epic that would knock your socks off. It would be cool to do some sort of follow up story to seal the deal.

Or, maybe the first two should have been it and everything after should be forgotten? PARANORMAL ACTIVITY sort of drove itself into the ground as did the FINAL DESTINATION franchise, though I heard the last one filled the series with more to speak. :)

What are your thoughts? Let us know!

INTERNATIONAL TRAILER (Contains scenes from [REC]1&2 with spoilers)

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