Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Poltergeist videos've spent my fair share of time on YouTube looking for cool ghost videos. There are some neat one's on there for sure, but most look fake. There are some cool exceptions to that rule, of course.

Like this fun nugget - the infamous PANTRY GHOST -

MELLOWBIRD has some rather cool videos up, however. If they are fake, they are REALLY well done. I've spent some time trying to figure out how the "magic" could be done if they are fake, but several of the videos are just logistically impossible to target. Strings and things could make things fly around, but the positioning on several of the objects that move would make the task of faking their movement really difficult.

So...the jury isn't out on these. What do YOU think?



It seems like he has some backlash and that people are out to prove these are fake. If they are fakes, he's done a great job with them. 

The Anti-Mellobird folks can be found here: 

It seems like their biggest issue with him is the fact that he's making money off of ads, but the videos are fake. Is this any worse than people making money off of clicks gained when they use a picture of a cute girl in a bikini as their thumbnail, but she doesn't actually appear in the video?

I find the MELLOWBIRD videos to be highly entertaining - fake or not. 
(Though, I do hope they are real!)



  1. its compressed air. there is a video that he shoots in his attic and unfortunately for him, he mistakenly shows the lines. Its really cool to watch these vids but unfortunately they are fake.

    1. Oh, I figured as much, but they are fun to watch! :)
      The gimmick is cool and the fact that he has it sorted out so well is grand. There is a lot of production work that has to be done to make these work and I appreciate that. And, they are rather entertaining.

      I like the idea behind these. The "What if" aspect.

      Thanks for your comment!