Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dark Music Mixes of Simon Drax

The wondrous SIMON DRAX has some cool music mixes on the 8 Tracks site for those who have a little darkness in them.

Are you looking for a little mood swing music from the twilight reaches of the soul? Look no further than DRAX! He uses the site to craft mixes that create a mood and space that strikes a dark and melodious cord. I find myself taken with the choices time and time again. He has a real sense of flow and direction that I find to be very pleasing. The the chosen music is an eclectic and wondrous mix as well. Groups I would never know about spin round each other expertly - one song leading into another with expert vision.

Turn out the lights. Settle in. Take a listen.



SIMON DRAX was born in Gloomy, Massachusetts. His writing has been published in The Quarterly, Bonesaw, Midnight Zoo, Fever, After Hours, and VideoScope. He is the author of the novels A VERY FAST DESCENT INTO HELL and DOOMTROOPERS, Book 1: White Sky Friday. The online serial EXIT VECTOR, originally published by Underland Press, has been archived for your reading pleasure.

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