Friday, April 30, 2010

PODCAST and SITE: Dread Central

As a horror fan with too many things going on, DREAD CENTRAL keeps me involved in the genre I love when time doesn't allow for me to view the movies themselves. They have a fantastic selection of information and manage to give me MANY avenues to reach it.

The DREAD CENTRAL site has a wide selection of media and articles that talk about the horror genre, upcoming events, and other news related to horror. They host horror clips, trailers and interviews, present press news and media, and present it in a fun way. They truly love the horror genre and everything that goes with it.

When time doesn't allow for website browsing (which is most of the time), the Dread Central Twitter feed allows me to get site updates and news sent directly to me through my Twitter account. I ca scan through their updates and, when one of their posts strikes me as interesting, I can click a direct link that takes me to the area of the site where that item is held. Direct and easy.

I can also get updates and entertainment through their podcasts. HIGHLY entertaining and fun. The Dread Central crew meets and discusses industry events and news with an energy and vibe that I love. This isn't a pompous, “we know more than you” podcast. It's a group of friends talking over what's going on and having a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

Horror fans need to have all these items at their fingertips at all times – it's a must for horror fans and loads of fun.

Podcast available through iTunes.

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