Friday, April 30, 2010


Neighbor No. 13 (Rinjin 13-gô) (2005)
Directed by Yasuo Inoue


That pretty much sums up this tale of duality from Japan where a nice, quiet neighbor has an extremely dark and violent persona that lives within him. He can't control it and I honestly think he doesn't want to. This persona takes care of him and makes sure he's safe and this story explores what happens to the unfortunate few who get to meet the dark side of NEIGHBOR NUMBER 13.

This is a dark and scary film. No doubt about it. It delivers some shocks and scares and leaves nothing to the usual rules of right and wrong or good and evil. It's a fire that shows no mercy – tearing through whatever gets in it's way. I think that's what I liked most about it. It's somewhat mean, really. It's shot well and has some amazing performances in it.

This is a classic Japanese thriller with some nasty little twists and turns. Fans of the genre will enjoy it immensely. Check it out!

Based on the manga by Santa Inoue

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