Friday, April 30, 2010


Once in a long while, a movie slithers up into view from nowhere and waits patiently for me to find it. Someone will see it – a friend or coworker – and will mention that it's worth a viewing. Like a lightning bolt, the film strikes and knocks you to your butt.

TRIANGLE did that for me. It took me down a path, shook me a bit and then knocked me down. It showed a minute of mercy, picked me up and brushed me off. Then it knocked me down again.

TRIANGLE starts off slow. A woman assures her child that things will be fine. She goes on a boat ride with her friends. They are caught in a storm and the boat capsizes. But wait...a ship...they're saved. The small band of travelers manages to get aboard the large ship as it passes, but things are not all well once they do. There does not seem to be a crew. And, there seems to be someone else aboard.

This is about all I can say about the film without giving key points away. If you're planning to watch this film, I suggest watching without seeing the trailer or doing any sort of info search on it beforehand. Keep it blank and let it wash over you. :)

This film is well written and very well acted. I found myself groaning out loud as the events unfolded. At one point I literally said, “What the hell?! Is there MORE?!” and laughed out loud like a child in a toy store! I loved the twisted ride this movie took me on.

If you love a good story, TRIANGLE is the movie for you.

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