Thursday, April 30, 2009



(2008) Pascal Laugier

I am still stunned by this film. Stunned and torn. This French horror “classic to be” gets two ratings from me. The first half gets a solid A and nears A+ in the horror/action class. It is beautifully shot and the pace is just right. It lets you sink into the story and it lays out mystery and a lot of tension. It draws you in and smacks you around a bit, then gives you a moment to rest before smacking you around a bit more. Fans of the horror genre might understand why this would be entertaining. In these days of remakes and shock for shock's sake films (Hostile, Saw, etc) a film that honestly fills you with dread and unease is a pleasant welcome to horror fans. It's delightfully creepy.

The second half lost me a bit, but still gets a solid B+ from me. While I understood where the film was trying to go, I didn't really want to go there. Feeling a bit stuck, I watched it and enjoyed the horror of it, but I didn't really want to go where it lead me.

Overall, I still give the film an A and must demand that all horror fans view it at once! It's a dark and creepy ride through the new, strange world of French horror. (Inside, Frontiers)

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