Thursday, April 30, 2009


the Abandoned

the Abandoned (2006) Nacho Cerdà

If you like to shiver while watching a movie late at night, The Abandoned is the movie for you. It’s a delightful ghostly tale that will have you wanting to leave the light on. Good effects and cinematography support the well-written story. Worth the rental.

What really struck me about it was the fact that it was story driven, not gore or effects driven. This is rare these days in the horror and suspense genre. More often than not it seems like someone has come up with a good trick or gore filled death, then they build a movie around it. With Abandoned, the effects are added like spice, not the main course, and they add to the story without taking you too far out of the story. I really enjoyed the shiver factor as well - a great, creepy atmosphere wrapping itself around you like a blanket.

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