Thursday, April 30, 2009


Halloween is just around the corner. Time to rent some scary movies, invite some friends over, and ramp up the scares. amore eroma has put together a list of films that range from the celebrated to the nearly forgotten for you to ring in the start of the "Hollowdaze" with. For more fear filled films, please check out our Horror Movie Section. We're sure you'll find something that can send a little shiver down your spine.


Dead Snow - Zombie gore comedy from Norway
Dawn of the Dead (2004 and 1979) - Both scary zombie fun!
Dead Alive (Braindead) - Peter Jackson's splatter-comedy gore fest
Return of the Living Dead - A zombie classic. More horror comedy goodness
[REC] - One of my top five zombie favorites of all time. Super scary Spanish horror
Zombieland - On Site Review

Thirst - Chan-wook Park's epic Korean vampire film. Comedy, horror and drama woven together beautifully among amazing visuals and a grand story.
Fright Night - Classic 80's vampire horror
Razor Blade Smile - Strange little indie British fun. Vampire twist
Lifeforce - Space vampires draining the lifeforce from humans. Great stuff!
From Dusk Till Dawn - Tarantino and Rodriguez join forces to bring vampires to the screen
Near Dark - Trailer park vampires stomp humans for fun in this horror classic

Dog Soldiers - A small military group fights a small werewolf group. Awesome.
The Howling - One of my all time favorite werewolf movies. Great wolf designs
American Werewolf in London: 2009 Special Edition - The ultimate wolf classic! AMAZON
Silver Bullet - 1985 Stephen King werewolf classic
Ginger Snaps - Sister's a werewolf and goes from outcast to most desired. Watch out!
Wolf - Amazing werewolf movie with Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader

American Psycho - Christian Bale's amazing portrayal of the Business Psycho
In the Mouth of Madness - Sam Neill tries to find a missing author...and hold on to his sanity
Identity - Fab who done it with more than it's fair share of horrific action
The Children - Creepy children are going to get you!
May - May has trouble making friends, so she makes some friends. :)
Alice Sweet Alice - VERY disturbing goings on with Alice
Martyrs - The height of French horror. Very nasty. Very great.

Session 9 - A "hazmat" crew finds more than they bargain for while cleaning a mental hospital
The Shining - Classic Nicholson going mad in the snow
Evil Dead I & II - Sam Raimi's wacked out horror classics
Suspiria - Italian shock and who done it horror fun
Carrie - More Stephen King brought to the screen in this horror classic
The Craft - Teen witches gone bad
Last Man on Earth - What I AM LEGEND should have aimed for. Vincent Price stars in this classic film.
A Tale of Two Sisters - On Site Review

The Thing (1951) - Fun, fast dialog as the air force battles THE THING
The Thing (1982) - Carpenter's remake and retake on the classic
Monster Squad - Kids battle the Wolfman, Dracula and more. Great film.
Night of the Comet - Beware the comet and it's ghastly side effects!
Pumpkinhead - Don't go messin' with bad magic.
Of Unknown Origin - A man battles urban terror as it runs through his walls

The Fog - Ghost pirates coming for the fog
Lady in White - A great mystery ghost story
Ghost Story - The Chowder Society has a dark secret On site music video
1408 - Would you stay in a haunted hotel? Would you survive?
Poltergeist - A family deals with angry ghosts in this superhit
Exorcism of Emily Rose - Fantastic ghostly goings on and the two approaches of explaining what they are. A great, sleeper hit. Well worth a view
Silent Hill - The video game series comes to life in this strange and ghostly tale of past lives
The Orphanage - Amazing Spanish ghost story that will have you jumping out of your skin. If you like your scares with a good story behind them, see this film!

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