Friday, June 16, 2017

The Room at the Top of the Stairs

From IMDB:
"A young artist feels overshadowed by a charismatic and dangerous girl she's never met." (I removed the second line of description because I think it gives too much away) 

Another interesting SHUDDER short film offering THE ROOM AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS (2010)  had me staring, wondering, and interested. Write/Director Briony Kidd told an interesting story for sure. I'm just wondering if the nuanced tale and acting was a tad too subtle. Not sure a bigger push would have made this a better film or if it would have just taken it into a silly area that was too heavy handed. It's interesting to think through. I wonder if that came up in the scripting process.

The film is REALLY well shot and the acting is super solid. The 15 minutes is paced expertly and shows off Kidd's talents on both the writing and directing fronts is a very professional way. The story had me hooked and I was very interested in where it was going. And, best yet, when it got there, I wasn't disappointed. I loved that it wasn't heavy handed, now that I think about it. The subtlety was warranted and left me with a little smile playing on my lips. :)

The film's lead Fiannah de Rue is grand. She really owns the role and plays shy and curious without forcing things into over dramatic territory. I need to check out some of her other films for sure.

I hope Briony Kidd has a feature film brewing!

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