Monday, June 19, 2017


Ok, Armando Crispino, what were you on when you and  Lucio Battistrada wrote AUTOPSY back in 1975?! hehehehehehe   This, too, is on my FAVE GIALLO FILMS LIST, but not for the same reasons THE FIFTH CORD and STRIP NUDE FOR YOUR KILLER are. This falls under the WTF?! catagory where you watch, giggle, and mutter What the F$%&?! under your breath while smiling.

Mimsy Farmer (Four Flies on Grey Velvet) plays Simona Sanna - a doctor whose a pro at autopsies. I think. Yeah...sure...let's go with that. :::grin:::  It's REALLY hot in Italy and, subsequently, a bunch of people are committing suicide. Because....I guess that's what you do in the heat. flares. Or not. Moving on. She's starting to see things. Like her cadavers getting up and making love. It happens. She has a boyfriend played by Ray Lovelock (The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue) who I've knighted "THE MOST PATIENT BOYFRIEND ON THE PLANET". He's constantly trying to make love to Simona only to have her stop midway due to some random flash of a dead person that sends her racing away screaming. He's a good spot about it and just tells her everything will be alright. (...then he plunges his goods into a bucket of ice water for the fifth time....)  Then there's a priest.....or is he.....with anger issues. A pervy groundskeeper....with anger issues. Even a DOG with anger issues. Basically, everyone including the dog seems like a complete loon.

So, is Simona crazy, or is someone trying to driver her mad? And....why? And....who?

Really, none of that mattered tome at all. I just loved watching everyone FREAK OUT in every scene! hehehehe  Simona and her visions of death. A priest beating the hell out of the groundskeeper. The groundskeeper perving on Simona...who subsequently yanks up her dress screaming, "YOU WANT AND ENCORE?!" and storming off. It's a good thing it's supposed to be hot - poor Mimsy seems like she's constantly having wardrobe malfunctions.

The film is BONKERS and the wondrous ending made me super happy. I think this would make a fantastic group watch as long as the folks involved had a wacky sense of humor. The performances and while plot twists and characters make this a really enjoyable watch.  I have Armando Crispino's other film THE DEAD ARE ALIVE on deck. I'm hoping for more silly madness! :)

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