Saturday, June 24, 2017

The House of the Laughing Windows

The House of the Laughing Windows (1976) is a fun little film and so engaging and well done that my wife (NOT a horror fan at all) was not only watching, but very interested. This is always a badge of honor for a horror film in our house. It's a major accomplishment.

This is another slow burn nugget recommended by GIALLO_GIALLO on Twitter. And, I'm so happy he mentioned it. I really enjoyed it!

The story is a little gothic number about Stefano who visits a small town to restore a painting that was found in a church. The artist was rather famous in his own way - known as an artist who could really capture pain and sorrow. As Stefano slowly reveals the painting as he restores it, he also starts to unravel a mystery in the town.

The slow nature of the film really allows you to sink into it and it's characters. I was really invested in Stefano's journey and the people he meets along the way. This was do to the acting of Lino Capolicchio. He does a great job in the role.  Francesca Marciano is great as Stepfano's girlfriend, Francesca. Everything comes together is a fantastic and awful way. hehehe

Pupi Avati's (Revenge of the Dead) direction is pretty good, but it's really the writing that brings it all together. The mystery elements devised by Antonio Avati and Pupi Avati was what made this film stand out as a grand giallo offering.

If you're in the mood to sink into a good giallo mystery that doesn't focus on too many violent elements or gore, definitely check out THE HOUSE WITH LAUGHING WINDOWS. It's a great little tale!

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