Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quickie: KILL LIST


I don't want to say too much about this film. I missed it when it was "all the rage" and people were all over it, but managed to catch up with it recently. (Thanks, NETFLIX!)

The basics of the plot are simple. Money issues weigh heavily on a family of three. The husband and wife hold it together, but the pressure is making it hard to remember that they love each other. Fights about cash and spending flare. "YOU have not worked in MONTHS!"  A reveal shows that his work is basically being a hit man and it's time to break out the tools of the trade and start hitting again with his partner.

But, who are they taking out, who's asking them to...and why?

I really liked this film. It was a fun ride for sure. If you are lucky, you can watch this film without spoilers or knowing much about it. I'd say it was more thriller than horror, but it has some horrific elements for sure. The acting was fantastic. Fans of SPACED or other Edgar Wright films might recognize Michael Smiley who plays it straight and serious here. Perfect work. Neil Maskell and MyAnna Buring are rock solid as well. Buring has an odd range. From THE DESCENT to DOWTON ABBY to BREAKING DAWN (...and a featured player in the brilliant fake trailer for DON'T in GRINDHOUSE....) - it's a strange range for sure. She has a wondrous look.

NOTE: We're talking VERY heavy accents here. I'm an accent lover and rarely have issue with understanding what's being said, however I had the closed captions going for the first part of the film so I didn't miss anything. If you have an issue with that, best avoid KILL LIST. You'll just be frustrated and confused. :)

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