Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This was another one of those films that was fine. It was what it was.

There's a creepy family. Mom and Dad are dead and the kids are all living together. They've had to move towns. They have a secret. Good, bad and neutral family members interact. At the end, the secret - which wasn't very secret - is revealed. FIN.

I wouldn't watch it again, but I didn't fast forward or turn it off. (Granted, I was working on a project at the same time, but...)  The flow was slow and the plot rambled. Like LAST KIND WORDS, this would have made a fantastic short film. Maybe rolling in around 30 or 40 minutes instead of (checks)....oh, it was just 86 minutes long? Hmph...seemed way longer.   :::grin:::

Like creepy family horror with a not so secret twist? Tossing THE HAMILTONS on while you're painting your nails or doing your taxes isn't a bad idea.

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