Thursday, January 12, 2012


Ok...I'm going to say it.

“Modern day Norman Bates-like nutter” movie.

Joel Moore plays the disturbed Mason. He has some real issues. Nuff said.
Adam Green has a certain flair for the...well...frucked up! He knows how to make horror. He know how to shoot it and Joel Moore knows how to help write and direct as well. The film has a somewhat low budget feel, but was fun and creepy to watch. One of those films that you giggle at because it's smart.

No, there are no traps.
No torture.
No wicked villains with master plans or scary foreigners out to get ya.

These people are people you work with. People you know. (Hell, YOU may even BE one of them yourself!) That's what brings the horror home.
Check this film out. You'll dig it, I think.
For added fun: Watch it on a first date!

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